Jimmie Vaughan: (Everybody's Got) Sweet Soul Vibe

It's Sunday, and Sunday is blues day! This week with (Everybody's Got) Sweet Soul Vibe by Jimmie Vaughan off his 1994 album Strange Pleasure. Most blues songs I've posted so far have been a bit gloomy, so today's pick is a tad more uplifting for a change. Jimmie Vaughan was born in Dallas County, Texas in 1951. Based in Austin, Vaughan plays Texas blues, which is usually characterised as more jazzy and swingy than other blues styles, such as the Delta blues and Chicago blues. He formed The Fabulous Thunderbirds in the mid-1970s and stayed with them until 1989, when he left the band to play with his younger brother, blues rock guitar legend Stevie Ray Vaughan. Tragically, Stevie Ray died in a helicopter crash in 1990. Strange Pleasure was Jimmie's first solo release. It also features the acoustic song "Six Strings Down" about the death of his brother.