Peter Green: A Fool No More

It's Sunday, and Sunday is blues day! This week with the slow blues A Fool No More by Peter Green. It is off his 1979 album In The Skies. Having founded Fleetwood Mac in London in the late 1960s, Green used to be a preeminent blues rock guitarist during the British blues movement. Even audiences not listening to the blues will probably recognise some of his songs, such as Black Magic Woman, which was later covered by Santana. Peter Green began taking larger doses of LSD around 1970, leading to him leaving Fleetwood Mac. Succumbing to mental illness, Green underwent treatment for schizophrenia in psychiatric hospitals in the mid-1970s. Although he reappeared on the music scene sporadically towards the end of that decade, he has mostly remained in obscurity from 1980 onward.