Johnny Cash: Home Of The Blues

It's Sunday, and Sunday is blues day! This week with a country spin, as I'd like to remember the great Johnny Cash. February 26 would have been his 85th birthday. The song Home Of The Blues off his 1958 album Sings The Songs That Made Him Famous (released by the Sun Record Company) is about his unhappy childhood. Cash's older brother Jack, to whom Johnny was very close, died at the age of 15 after he'd been pulled into a head saw in the mill he worked at in 1944. He was almost cut in two and suffered for over a week before he finally died. Many decades later Johnny Cash still spoke of this horrible accident and said he looked forward to meeting his brother again in heaven.

I walk and cry while my heartbeat
Keeps time with the drag of my shoes
The sun never shines through this window of mine
It's dark at the Home of the Blues

Oh, but the place is filled with the sweetest mem'ries
Memories so sweet that I cry
Dreams that I've had left me feeling so bad
I just want to give up and lay down and die