Noise isn't news

While my open positions are going well, I have no ideas for any further trades. As usual, lots of noise coming from Trump, but nothing substantial and hence nothing tradable, in my opinion. Don't trade hot air, i.e. ignore what Trump is saying, focus on what his administration is actually implementing.

I'm looking for EURUSD to hit 1.06 today. Ideally, we'll see a re-test of 1.0524 soon.

EURUSD Daily 10/20/2017Open positions as of 10/02/2017 08:54am CET:
EURTRY short from 4.0524, unrealized return: +3.83%
EURUSD short from 1.0795, unrealized return: +1.39%

Realized YTD return: +0.7% from 2 trades
Total YTD return: +5.92% from 4 trades