Billion Dollar Day: A 1986 BBC documentary on FX trading

"Billion Dollar Day" is a short 1986 documentary on forex trading that was produced by the BBC. From today's point of view, where it is possible to trade in FX at a 100+ leverage using only your mobile phone, much of what the documentary depicts may seem historic or even silly, but at the heart FX prop trading has remained pretty much the same. The main difference may be that fewer institutions have retained their prop trading desks, having significantly reduced risk after the recent financial crises and the wave of financial market regulations that followed them.

My personal highlight is the Reuters pager though -- watch out for it around the 10-minute mark!

2014 Annual Conference in International Finance, London

I'll be at the Annual Conference in International Finance at Imperial College London on Tuesday, 1 July 2014.

This is the second time Imperial College Business School hosts this excellent FX conference on recent academic findings relating to international finance. The event is sponsored by BlackRock and the Royal Economic Society. Topics covered include, inter alia, the forward premium puzzle, FX risk premia and investing in a post-QE world.

I'm going to write about the papers presented when I'll be back, so watch this space over the next few weeks if you're into FX research.