Saturday Links: 23-27 January 2017

I didn't come across many interesting articles this week, but the following two grabbed my attention:

Ex-Otkritie Trader Gets 12 Years for ‘Arrogant’ Bonus Fraud -- Bloomberg -- Shows that banker trials are far from over. Courts and regulators are still cleaning up the mess left by too much shady business that's been conducted in the industry; and apparently heinous dealings continued even after the financial crisis has made the public wary of bankers and basically everybody working in finance. This article is about ex-trader George Urumov's fraudulent schemes, from which he personally gained $40 million.

Speed Traders’ ‘Stupid’ Plan for Fast Network Halted in U.K. -- Bloomberg -- Just for laughs, article describing a proposal by high-frequency trading outfits DRW Holdings, Jump Trading and KCG Holdings to build radio masts as high as the Eiffel Tower. Rejected by local officials because it was "too incredibly stupid for us to even contemplate".