How Americans spend their day

The New York Times has published an interactive graph visualizing data from the latest American Time Use Study, which asked thousands of Americans to recall how they usually spend the 24 hours of a day. The graphic is cool, because the data can be broken down by gender, age, race, employment status and education inter alia.

But I find the statistics quite surprising. Living in Europe, I can't tell first-hand how Americans spend their days, but personally I spend much less time watching TV and movies than those people who have been asked in the study. For example, the study says that around 6pm almost 20% of all Americans would watch television. On the average, almost three hours a day is spent on sitting in front of the TV. In my personal experience, I would say the time spent talking to people (on the phone, for example) and the time spent on the Internet actually surpasses the time spent on watching TV. According to the study, however, computer use only accounts for eight minutes of a day. I don't know about you, but if you were asking me, I'd say the numbers are way off base here.

The only explanation I can come up with, is that, since people have been asked to recall their daily routine and have thus relied on their subjective perception when answering that question, most people underestimate the time spent using a computer. It may be that computers and the Internet, which can also be accessed from mobile devices, has become such an integral part of everyday life that we don't actually think about using computers anymore. Every time you use your iPhone to browse Twitter or when you use your Blackberry to check emails, that's actually use of a (small) computer, but we don't really think "Hey, I'm using a computer now", because we're doing it on the train or while on the move. Computers, and especially the Internet, have gone mobile and by that they have been ingrained even deeper in our lifes than we might think at first.

Anyway, the numbers are still quite interesting, especially when looking at the stats for different groups of people. You should really give them a look when you have a bit time left (to use your computer).

German content category added

For your information, today I added a German category to this blog where you can read the German articles that I will be writing in addition to the English content as of today. The German articles will not be visible on the home page or in the blog archive, so the posts will only be shown to those who really wish to read them. You can access the German content by clicking on the category link in the sidebar: German Posts (Deutsch). This is a separate content area.

If you're already subscribed to this blog, nothing will change for you. You will continue to receive the English articles only. If you'd like to additionally subscribe to the German category, you can do so, of course. For that I have created a separate content feed that will serve the German posts. This way you don't have to subscribe to articles in both languages unless you explicitly wish to do so.

The feed URLs are as follows:



If you speak German, it may make sense to subscribe to both feeds because the English articles and the German ones will not be the same. I hope the decision to write articles in two languages will make the blog appealing to a larger audience and that I will have a bigger range of topics to choose from. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me. Thanks!

You talking to me?

I'd never say that I know much about economics, but I'm very interested in economic issues and I try to read as much about them as possible. I do not know everything about movies, but I can say that I know a lot about movies, the making of movies and, of course, I enjoy watching them. Considering that I'm into both economics and movies, you can imagine that the following article from the Financial Times Alphaville blog got my attention today.

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New Jobs category

There is a new Jobs category on my blog now where I will occasionally post job openings by companies in the Internet industry and in the domain name space.

If you're with an Internet company and you think the kind of person you're looking to hire might just be among the readers of my blog, feel free to drop me an email with a description of the job. I will then post it in the blog's Jobs section if I think it is appropriate.