Tasting note: Glenmorangie Signet

Color: Russetmuscat

Nose: Very round indeed, the alcohol not too present, with sherry, cocoa and vanilla. After a couple of minutes in the glass, a first sip and taking a deep breath, a fruity note emerges. Yellow fruits come to mind, more reminiscent of apricot jam than oranges.

Taste: The cocoa smell turns into a milky chocolate taste, with a slight bitterness hinting at cappuccino. More spicy than you would have expected after the sweet smell.

Finish: Long finish with more bitterness, milk chocolate turns into dark chocolate.

Comments: Elegant presentation with a beautiful bottle design. Quite pricey too, unfortunately. Make no mistake, this is a fine whisky, but at a price of EUR 130+ as of this writing you should be able to buy a more affordable whisky of comparable quality.

Rating: I rated this whisky 86 out of 100.
(Nose 23, Taste 22, Finish 20, Balance 21)

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