Getting my mojo working again

Just returned from a brief vacation and getting back into the markets -- I'm getting my mojo working again, so to speak. Not much has changed since my last post a week ago, so this quick review of my EURUSD position must suffice for the time being. Still feeling comfortable with this trade. The pair hit the 50% Fibonacci retracement around 1.08 in early February and has been in a solid downtrend since then. Next stops -- ideally -- 1.0454 and 1.0341.

EURUSD Daily 22/02/2017Open positions as of 22/02/2017 8:39am CET:
EURUSD short from 1.0795, unrealized return: +2.78%

Realized YTD return: +4.34% from 3 trades
Total YTD return: +7.12% from 4 trades