USD struggling s/t albeit positive jobs data

The US dollar index is struggling not to fall considerably below the 100 handle. It's currently testing its support at 99.43. Looks heavy short-term, but I stand by my USD long call m/t. Verbal interventions from politicians only have short life spans, causing plenty of interim volatility without leading to any permanent changes in market positioning. All things considered, Trump's promised stimulus package is USD positive, thus challenging the president's conviction that the dollar is too strong relative to the currencies of America's trading partners. The only serious challenge for USD longs would be 1) an undermining of the Fed's independence, or 2) a possible G20 accord to weaken the US dollar (G20 meeting in Hamburg in July), but either scenario is unlikely.

Dollar Index DXY 02/02/2017 EURUSD 02/02/2017 DailyDifferent battleground: I'm still confident in my EURTRY short position. As the Turkish lira is finally gaining a bit of momentum I'm looking for a test of 4.0. Merkel meeting Erdogan today. Nothing market-moving will come out of that meeting, but the outcome will be interesting nonetheless.

EURTRY 02/02/2017 DailyOpen positions as of 02/02/2017 9:42am CET:
EURTRY short from 4.0524, unrealized return: +0.83%
EURUSD short from 1.0795, unrealized return: -0.06%

Realized YTD return: +0.7% from 2 trades
Total YTD return: +1.47% from 4 trades