Imperial College MSc Student Blogs

As one might have been able to tell from the long-lasting silence on this blog, I have been very busy with my studies lately. The workload increased significantly compared to the introductory September courses. Usually we have between two and three assessed courseworks to complete in any given week, all the while trying to keep up with new material introduced in the lectures and revising past lectures for the exams coming up in two weeks. It may well be another three weeks until I will have the time to sit down and review the autumn trimester. I also received requests via email to write a bit about the application process at Imperial College Business School. I'm going to do this shortly.

In the meantime, I recommend prospective students take a look at Imperial's official MSc student blogs. The site features student bloggers from most programmes, including MSc Finance, Risk Management and Financial Engineering, Strategic Marketing, and International Health Management to name a few. If you're still undecided as to whether to apply for any of the business school's MSc programmes, don't hesitate to contact the current students with any questions you might have. I'm sure they will respond with useful advice.