Guy Kawasaki on blogging

I've read two interesting interviews involving Guy Kawasaki today. The first one is a discussion about blogging with Guy interviewing Darren Rowse of, in the other one Guy is interviewed by Lee Odden of the Online Marketing Blog, also on the subject of blogging and social media:

Excerpt from first interview:

Question: How much can a blogger, assuming she is working hard and creating good content, really make?

Answer: The vast majority of those who blog don't even consider the idea of making money from their blogs. They blog for fun, to keep in touch with family and friends, as a hobby and as a result making money doesn't enter their minds (and in most cases it shouldn't because making money from personal blogs is an uphill battle).

When it comes to bloggers who are in it for the money, the sad reality is that most don't make a lot. Last time I surveyed my readers at ProBlogger about their monthly earnings the majority were earning very little (49% said that they earned under $100 a month). Many of these are new bloggers (ProBlogger has a very large percentage of it's readers in their first months of blogging) but unfortunately even many mare experienced bloggers don't earn much despite working hard and writing good content. ...

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Excerpt from second interview:

You’re no stranger to marketing and promotion and the “brand of Guy Kawasaki” is known world wide. What tips do you have for online marketers that want to stand out from the crowd?

The only tip that really matters is this: “Market something good.” That’s the secret. It’s very hard to market a piece of crap. It’s very easy to market something good. I believe all marketing is based on good products and services.

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