by Kieren McCarthy Book CoverThis book by Kieren McCarthy tells the story of the most valuable domain name in history: was originally registered by Gary Kremen at Network Solutions in May 1994. Around that time, Kremen also started, but he didn't develop his domain.

In what has become the biggest case of domain theft, was stolen by con-man Stephen M. Cohen in 1995, because he could persuade NSI to transfer it to him. Cohen then went on to develop the domain into a profitable online business that presumably made him more than $100,000 a month.

In the meantime, Kremen had sold his site and prepared to get his domain back. First, he tried to convince Network Solutions that the domain was wrongly transferred away from him. However, Network Solutions refused to hand the domain back to him, so Kremen filed a lawsuit against Cohen in 1998. This was the beginning of a legal battle that would go on for years.

The domain was finally returned to Kremen in November 2000, but he still rightfully wanted to get a compensation for his loss in revenue. In April 2001, Kremen was awarded a total $65 million for lost earnings, which Cohen was ordered to pay. However, Cohen had fled the country to Tijuana in October 2000 and he was still not to be found. Kremen even posted a $50,000 reward for Cohen, but he later removed this reward after a shooting in Tijuana that supposedly was linked to the case.

In 2005, Cohen was arrested in Tijuana for immigration violations and handed over to US marshals. Few months later, Kremen sold to Escom LLC for $14 million. Kremen has yet to receive the $65 million owed to him, although he succeeded in seizing ownership of Cohen's expensive mansion in San Diego, where he currently lives.

This story sounds like the plot of a Hollywood movie, but it really happened. What makes this an entertaining book to read despite the legal seesaw, is that it focuses on the interesting characters of Gary Kremen and Stephen M. Cohen. The "" business-thriller is available at Amazon: [Kieren McCarthy] (Paperback)(Kindle eBook)

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