Everything sells online, even Duck Eggs (.com)

California entrepreneur and domainer Sai Pola is the owner of the domain DuckEggs.com and he has built a business around it. Through his new website, which he runs in cooperation with a farmer, you can now order fresh duck eggs 24/7. He has had quite some success with DuckEggs.com already. Sai originally bought the domain as an investment several years ago, but he soon discovered that there were lots of people searching for duck eggs on the Internet by directly navigating to the DuckEggs.com domain name, so he decided to develop it.

According to an article published on Yahoo.com, Sai observed that direct navigation customers are more likely to complete a transaction than customers getting to the site through a search engine. This is a phenomenon that has been observed by other domain owners in the past and it shows why many consider type-in traffic to be more valuable than search engine traffic.

Read the article Everything sells online. Even Duck Eggs. to find out more about the increasing value of generic domains.

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