Investment Opportunity: Four-Letter Domains

Still today there are always opportunities for newcomers to become a successful domain investor. Four-letter domains are a current investment opportunity, in my opinion.

Many 4-letter domains can still be bought at prices in the low-mid $XXX range, although there have been lots of LLLL.COM sales in the last two months. Most valuable are CVCV.COM domains (consonant/vowel) and VCVC.COM domains, because they’re easy to pronounce as one word and they’re brandable.

Notable sales have been, for example: ADEL.COM ($10,100), BOOQ.COM ($10,000), ZAYO.COM ($7,500), RIPA.COM ($6,000), FARU.COM ($4,000), VAMI.COM ($3,100) and others.

Four-letter domains have seen a steady increase in value since last year and I think their value will continue to go up fast. Compared to the history of 3-letter .com domains, we might see 4-letter domains regularly being sold at 4- or 5-figure prices too in a few years. That’s why LLLL.COM domains are currently hot and why I think buying them now is a good idea.

8 thoughts on “Investment Opportunity: Four-Letter Domains”

  1. Thanks for pointing out an opportunity for those who are late to the game. I think many new domainers sometimes feel like they've missed the boat. But I believe that there is a world of opportunity out there, not a world of scarcity.

  2. I have more than 2,000 4-letter .com domain names in my portfolio. One potential sales area that he wasn't mentioned in the article is the radio and tv industry for 4-letter domains. For example, KNBC is a local TV station in the Southern California area. They recently switched their domain from NBC4.TV to The opportunities for 4-letter "W" and "K" domains is still out there for some domain investors.

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